Egypt News Science and Technology / What is the feature of “Telnet” in Windows? What is its importance?


Although many computer users rely on the Windows operating system, but there are still many secrets and hidden features within this system that many users do not know and which are very useful to users, among which is a feature known as “Telnet” which we show as follows :

The “Telnet” feature?

It is a protocol used to establish a connection between two devices remotely, which allows the user on one of the two devices “Client” to control the other device “Server”, as if it is using it in real but through the command execution interface and not a programmatic user interface, where “Telnet” is a protocol Very old it was used by systems administrators in places like companies and universities and even in home networks to control computers on the network.


The “Telnet” protocol can be considered the old and primary version of remote control software that is used to establish a remote connection between two devices that we currently use to solve technical problems or other purposes such as educational purposes.

This feature has been largely dispensed recently, as a result of this protocol is very simple and old and therefore considered unsafe when establishing a connection between two devices remotely, as it is a set of orders that are implemented through an environment command prompt “cmd” or the latest version Powershell “and therefore some may prefer not to use it especially in the presence of other programs with a user interface such as” Team Viewer “because it is definitely more easy.

Date: 2020-08-02


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