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The social networking site, Facebook, has warned of the privacy changes that Apple intends to add in the next version of the system.iOS 14“.

“Facebook” stated that the new feature will affect application developers who rely on Facebook tools to display ads, according to the site.engadgetTechnical.

She said that such customization will require users to alert them that this application wants to grant it permission to track you across applications and websites owned by other companies, and it is likely that most users will refuse to grant this permission, which in turn may lead to the destruction of the developer ads business.

She explained: “Apple updates may make a tool Audience Network Not effective on a system iOS 14So much so, that it might not make sense to introduce it on the latest iPhone OS. “

The company indicated that it intends to stop using the tool Audience Network On the iPhone devices, which allows thousands of developers to display ads in their applications used on iPhones, and in return, Facebook collects data on users from the applications that provide those ads.

It is scheduled to come the fourteenth version of the operating system Apple devices iOS, With a series of privacy updates aimed at making it difficult for apps to collect personal data without the explicit consent of users, and among the changes, apps will need to request permission before they collect an Apple device ID.

And provides Apple device ID or also known as IDFA– For Facebook and others to engage in such tracking for users through external applications to serve targeted ads.

Date: 2020-08-28


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