Egypt .. Actress Hala Sidky responds to a video clip that caused widespread controversy




Hala Sidqi

The Egyptian actress Hala Sidky responded to the video circulating by a lawyer confirming that her husband Sameh Sami had appointed him to file a case against her to prove the lineage of their children.

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Egyptian actress Hala Sidqi comments on the case of a famous American actor who was betrayed

Sidqi told the Egyptian newspaper Al-Youm Al-Sabea that she had had a dispute with her husband for five years, and she had been silent in order to protect her children and their father’s face in front of them, and she did not want her children to be part of the story.

Hala Sidqi confirmed that she had indeed taken judgments against him because he had not paid any expenses for his children for years and had nothing to do with them since he immigrated to America.

She confirmed that she would submit a complaint to the Attorney General against him, the lawyer, and the website that published this false news to defame it, pointing out that she will file a complaint with the Bar Association.

Amazingly, the video circulated, accusing Hala Sidqi of seizing her husband’s money under a power of attorney, without any legal basis, and touched upon some private family matters, which have not been decided by the judiciary.

Source: Egyptian media


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