Earth and Mars are preparing for close proximity so that the red planet can be observed with the naked eye

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Planet Earth and Mars are preparing for close proximity, and by October, the neighboring planets will be in their closest orbits for the next 15 years.

Mars is now visible in the night sky, and will become brighter over the coming weeks and months. This is because the two planets are moving closer together, and by October 6 they will be at their closest distance for more than two years.

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On October 6, Mars will be 38.57 million miles (62.07 million km) from us, the closest until 2035. The distance between Earth and Mars will decrease by 40 km, according to Space Weather.

“We are literally approaching the Red Planet. Just this week, the brightness of Mars surpassed the brightness of Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. Suddenly, Mars became bright enough to be seen in daylight, and an easy target for terrestrial telescopes used by astronomers,” the Space Weather sign said. .

The site continued, “The best is yet to come. By the night of the closest approach, on October 6 (0.4149 AU), Mars will double in brightness, and surpass everything in the night sky except for Venus and the Moon.”

The site noted: “Mars is high in the southern sky, and its burning orange color is beautiful when surrounded by the first hint of morning blue.”

Mars and Earth, like all planets in our solar system, have an elliptical orbit. As a result, there are always perihelions (closest point) and apogee (farthest point) in their orbits, and the two planets are gradually approaching each other’s perigee.

Just one week later, on October 13th, Mars will be in “the opposite”, with Earth located between the sun and the red planet.

And when the sun, earth and Mars align in a straight line with the earth in the middle, the “opposite” phenomenon occurs, which provides the clearest picture of Mars, where the red planet is at the closest distance from the earth.

Mars and Earth approach each other, on the same side of the sun, approximately every 15 to 17 years, which makes this phenomenon interesting.

Source: Express


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