Dynamite clip of BTS tops Trend No. 1 on YouTube


The Korean BTS team released the clip of their new song in English, entitled “Dynamite”, the song that achieved its 28-second teaser on YouTube, with 55 million views, while the video itself achieved about 45 million views, leading the number one trend on YouTube. .

The Korean team, BTS, is currently striving to intensify its activities significantly during this period, as BTS has an amazing schedule that shows the events that the fans of this team will be keen to follow, whether from launching artworks or being in concerts or programs, and the team makes a great effort in developing an important plan to promote their new single song. “Dynamite”, which is a song from their upcoming album, whose name the team has yet to announce or release date.

In a different context, the team donated a million dollars to the Black Lives Matter movement, which has been active in the anti-racism movement against people of black skin. Because of the killing of an African-American citizen, George Floyd, by members of the American police, after they violently dealt with him during his arrest.

The BTS team announced the postponement of its singing tour in North America, due to the current health crisis sweeping the world recently in Santa Clara in California, USA, and members of the Korean team BTS also announced that they had canceled four huge concerts.

The team recently appeared during the participation in the famous American television program “The Late Late Show” with broadcaster James Corden on the cbs channel, with a special episode called “Home Fest Coronavirus”, in order to support the idea of ​​self-quarantine for fear of an outbreak of the Corona virus. The 7-member vocalist of the song “Boy With Luv”, as many found the bands excelled in this show.

BTS Team

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BTS Team


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