Drogba announces his candidacy for the presidency of the Football Association Ivory Coast


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                Former Ivory Coast captain Didier Drogba has announced his candidacy for the position of President of the Football Association of his country.  Drogba has pledged to achieve a renaissance in the first popular game in Ivory Coast, which he says "suffers" if he wins the job.  The Association of Ivorian Players has rejected Drogba's support for the post of president, preferring Idriss Diallo, former vice president of the federation.

                                    <p>The ivory football star advanced <a target="_blank" href="https://www.france24.com/ar/20181122-دروغبا-اعتزال-كرة-القدم-ساحل-العاج" rel="noopener noreferrer"><strong>Didier Drogba</strong></a>  His candidacy for the presidential elections of his country promising in an investigation <a target="_blank" href="https://www.france24.com/ar/20180130-حوار-ديدييه-دروغبا-منتخب-ساحل-العاج-كرة-قدم-كأس-العالم-روسيا-2018-أفريقيا" rel="noopener noreferrer"><strong>A renaissance in popular sport</strong></a>  Which is "suffering" now, according to the former English club's top scorer.

The former elephant captain had a slap in the middle of last July when the Association of Ivorian Players refused his support, but in the end he had eight sponsors and support from one of the five groups required to stand for election.

“I don’t care much about being president of the Ivory Coast, but the task associated with this job,” said Drogba, 41. “Our ball is suffering … We are committed to contributing to the revival of Ivory Football.” He continued, “I went back and I intend to contribute to the renewal and development of ivory football,” considering that “it is important that I return to ivory football what you have provided for me.”

After submitting the applications, the Electoral Commission has five days to analyze and confirm the candidacy files.

In addition to Drogba, Idriss Diallo, a former FA vice-president supported by the Association of Players, is the current vice-president and president of the League League, Suri Diabate.

The International Association of Professional Soccer Players (Vivpro) has suspended the Association of Ivorian Players for “non-compliance with the law” and refusing to support Drogba’s candidacy for the Union presidency.

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