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A new historical moment, recorded by the UAE, yesterday, with its success in operating the first peaceful nuclear energy reactor in the Arab world at Baraka stations. An inspiring moment that future generations will remember with pride, and another achievement that accumulates our national experiences, added to the UAE record of the “impossible”.

Barakah employment comes a few days after the completion of the probe of hope, to confirm that our country – by seeing its unique leadership and the forearms of its people – is taking deliberate steps in the process of building knowledge, and carries a message to the world that the Arabs are able to resume their scientific path and compete with the rest of the great nations.

What the UAE has accomplished did not come from day to night, as it is the result of a safe approach to investing in science, and betting on the capabilities of its sons, to win with confidence the battle of making the future, which is also the fruit of a creative effort from national cadres, which translated the vision of its leadership into a reality that we are proud of today. Despite all the challenges, our competencies demonstrated their great ability to commit, and were able to download fuel packages, perform comprehensive tests, and complete the operation process, so that the most important moment in the march of our peaceful nuclear program comes, crowning more than a decade of ambitious vision and strategic planning, so that the UAE becomes the thirty-third day Globally in developing nuclear power plants to produce electricity, in a safe, reliable and environmentally friendly manner, thereby cementing its position in a vital sector, which is the preserve of a few countries.

A quantum leap in the energy sector, in which the UAE formulates its vision for the future, and represents a civilized achievement that adds to the balance of its accomplishments, which is determined to move forward in its accumulation. And an important step on the road to sustainability, which we move with great hopes, clear goals, and high aspirations, confirming that we are able to achieve more achievements on the ground and in space, so that the UAE takes its position at the forefront of nations.



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