Does cooking food kill corona? Global Health Answers – Health Statement – Life


The World Health Organization has said that there is no confirmed evidence or reports that a person who has contracted the Coronavirus can catch it again.

In addition, the organization reported that China informed it of finding the virus in imported food packages, and that it is carrying out tests in this matter, even if that included dozens of packages.

WHO expert Dr. Maria Vankirkov said at a press conference this evening in Geneva that cooking food kills the virus in all cases.

Dr. Mike Ryan, Executive Director of WHO’s emergency program, urged not to be terrified upon hearing this and to reassure everyone and take only hygiene measures.

On the other hand, the chief advisor to the director general of the organization Bruce Al-Ward said, “There is no information about the Russian vaccine yet, and communication is underway with the Russian side to find out about its tests.”

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that the world needs 100 billion dollars in order to develop the technology and treatments necessary to eradicate the virus, and mentioned that there are nine vaccines in the trial phase and are within the Kovacs Global Facility.



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