Doctor: Vitamins recovered from Corona should be taken


A Russian expert revealed that people who have recovered from Covid 19 have to take vitamins D and B in addition to following a relaxed regimen that mixes work, rest and more walking.
In an interview with the newspaper “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”, Tatyana Rybka, a Russian cardiologist, gave advice to people who recovered and recovered from COVID-19. Stressing that it is necessary to resort to the doctor if there is a suspicion of catching a cold or Corona virus to maintain their health and the health of their loved ones, while adhering to his recommendations.
“Now, treatment regimes have been put in place, in many cases it is sufficient to have treatment at home, and to follow a self-isolation system. We, doctors, have seen in hundreds of cases that if a person is properly treated with corona, the risk of long-term consequences is minimal,” she said. “If malaise persists after recovery from COVID-19, then you should take vitamin D and group B vitamins, as well as follow a work-and-rest regime, as well as walk more,” she added.


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