Divorce of an Arab artist after obtaining 5 million riyals recently and one million presenter (video and photos)


A famous Arab artist and fashionista topped the search sites after announcing her sudden divorce and obtaining an amount equivalent to 5 million pounds as a dowry, after she boasted that she had obtained a million riyals as a provider only 6 months ago.

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Although the name of this artist, who was enriched by her divorce, has not been announced, many people searched for the name of Badour Ibrahim after announcing her divorce unexpectedly from her husband.
The news of the Saudi fashonista’s divorce comes weeks after she boasted to her audience that she would get a dowry of one million riyals from her husband as a presenter.
She concealed the role of her husband’s identity and did not publicly announce her despite her divorce from him, except that she referred to him as “Si El-Sayed”.

And announced the role of Ibrahim, her separation from her husband after a marriage that lasted only 6 months.
And published the role of a video clip transmitted through her account in the Snapchat application, in which she said: “The separation took place between her and her husband, but the divorce will be official in the coming period according to the procedures.”

And she confirmed: “She will reveal her divorce document in front of the public just as she offered her marriage contract, pointing out that her departure from social media in the recent period has affected her psyche a lot.”
She pointed out that her marriage came as a surprise to her fans, saying: “It surprised my children, my family, my monastery, and my lovers.”

Divorce of an Arab artist after obtaining 5 million riyals recently and one million presenter (video and photos)

She stated: “She sacrificed in this marriage and did what she had to do to continue, but in the end it is up to the share.”
She said that she found herself with “her children, her family and her family” and therefore she did not find herself in exile, adding that when she “balanced the balance between him and her family and her children” she found that the person “does not deserve to continue with him.” “I am not ashamed and in the year 2020 I witnessed a lot of separations, and in the end it is a share and not a defect because it is halal.”

Divorce of an Arab artist after obtaining 5 million riyals recently and one million presenter (video and photos)

She continued: “For every famous artist and artist, if you divorce, raise your head and say I am separated and do not fear.”
She suggested Ibrahim’s role that the reasons for the separation were due to the incompatibility between her and her husband because she wanted someone to support her, adding that the life of “Si El-Sayed” did not satisfy her, especially that she got married quickly and did not think.

The husband of the Saudi cosmetic expert, Ibrahim, appeared during the question and answer paragraph through his account on his Snapchat application, revealing a number of important secrets about their private life.

The man, who prefers to remain anonymous in the media, revealed the real reason for hiding a role from Social Media during the recent period, and its demand for the press to delete all its photos and videos, noting that what prompted him to request it from her is his extreme jealousy over her.

Who is the Saudi fashinista as Brahim?
She is a famous beauty expert, born in Jeddah, September 23, 1984, from a Saudi father and a Saudi mother of Iraqi origin who holds Saudi nationality.

She is currently 36 years old, with qualifications with a Bachelor’s degree in Oxford, Department of Beauty, her profession in cosmetics and makeup.
She married a Saudi man and they divorced, and she had two children with him.
Then, in 2020, she married a man with one million riyals, but she has not yet disclosed it, and some sources indicate that Badour Brahim’s husband is Shihab Mortada Ghafoori, who is known as Salt Instagram and lives in Kuwait, and he is 18 years old until the date of 2020, when she appeared with him in a video clip in Kuwait and stated that Badour Ibrahim is his future wife, but it is not yet clear whether he is her husband or not.

Source: Arabic sites and newspapers


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