Diab threatens diamonds! – Saudi Arabia News


• The atmosphere is bleak in the stands, even sad, or so the picture says.Who would have expected us to watch football matches without an audience?

• The return round passed and lost those who lost and won, but the scene in the stands was heartbreaking.

• It is undoubtedly a global pandemic, and removing its danger requires caution, yes, caution.

• As for the return of life to normal, it needs to be graded, marked with deliberation.

• The first look was not happy for the federates, rather it was a particular sadness not only for the result, but also for accounts that threw the union into the unknown.

• A good return to a very good Saudi ruler, which gave the people of Al-Safra a confidence that the media should increase by a dose of support. For this time, Zamir Al-Hayy should sing.

• Colleague Adel Al-Mass tweeted this tweet: What happened in the Al-Ittihad dressing room after losing the Abha match … confirms that the atmosphere is unhealthy and warns of the danger of conditions in the Federal Team … which has become threatened with relegation … (Al-Ittihad is in danger).

• Colleague Ahmed Sadiq Diab, the official spokesperson for Al Ittihad Club, replied to it, saying: It is a news that has no basis at all and is a figment of an uneven imagination. Nothing happened from what you refer to. Soon, you will know the severity of your abuse towards union with order and law. Make sure of that.

• Then the diamonds came back and responded by saying: We are used to permanent denials from you … and what I put forth is the correct one … and the Al-Ittihad club fans know this well.

• Let the Al-Ittihad club spokesperson conclude with what you saw as a threat, so what do you see in this statement: The correct is what you will see, not what you hear and soon!

• This controversy I see in it the severity and cruelty of colleague Ahmed Sadiq Diab against a colleague who loves union, and what he mentioned in his tweet is wrong and right, with my certainty that diamonds cannot be defeated by the union. Of the threat, in the first and last is information that may have an origin and source with Adel Al-Mas.

• Finally, colleague Muhammad Abu Hayaa says: I hope the entire Anmar administration will submit its resignation and hand over the club to the Ministry of Sports, for this is the safest solution to all the (unspoken) problems that are covered up and covered by the media of the president and his supporters who came to implement the scheme to bring down the club and distort it in this shameful and sad way. Not everything is said, the next is worse.

• O Muhammad, the time for boarding or handing over the club to the ministry is over. Today in the era of general assemblies, we are the ones who decide, hold accountable, and determine who remains and who leaves.

Finally, Dr. Ghazi Al-Qossabi says: When despair surprised you, they surprised him with a smile of faith, and when your hearts are filled with big dreams, I swear that you will be greater than your dreams.


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