Death misses Egyptian actress Samia Amin after a struggle with illness


Today, Egyptian artist Samia Amin was absent from death at the age of 75 after a struggle with illness, after a long artistic journey during which she presented dozens of cinematic and television works.

Her son, the young artist Ahmed Al-Demerdash, announced through his account on the social networking site Facebook, the death of his mother, saying: “We belong to God and to Him we shall return. My dear mother passed away to the mercy of God, please pray for her.”

And her role in the series “The Sharp Light” starring Mamdouh Abdel Alim and Mona Zaki, “A Presiding Mother” is one of the most famous roles she presented on the “Silver Screen”, where she drew attention to her through the details of her distinguished role, especially her scenes with the artist Youssef Shaaban, and Salwa Khattab, Which was characterized by a measure of comedy.

Samia Amin, born in Cairo on March 14, 1945, participated in several series including “Live Your Days”, “Honorable Father Abi”, “Sons of the Elder”, “Souk Al-Zalat”, and “The Shark Imp.”, And “King Farouk,” “A legitimate right,” “Masrawy,” “Good skin,” “Yesterday’s story.” “The sun does not extinguish” in its first edition in 1965, “Cairo and the People,” and “Nadim.” , And the movie “The Furnace”, “The Conscience of a Humpt Rule”, “A Thousand and One Nights” and “The Stray Light”, along with some historical works such as “Omar Bin Al-Aziz, There is no god but God”, while its latest work was the series “Shame »In 2010. According to Egyptian newspapers.

The “Arab Women Media Network” called the late artist, and she said in a press statement today that “the able artist Samia Amin has submitted about 100 works of art, whether purposeful social series or great religious series like there is no god but God and Omar bin Abdul Aziz … may God have mercy on the capable artist As far as I presented great and purposeful works. ”


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