“Danteel” leads in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon after four episodes


So far, four episodes of the series “Dantil”, which brings together # Sirin_Abdulnour with Mahmoud Nasr, have been shown as a first show via “Watch VIP”, to achieve a very high viewership through the application, and the search engine “Google” in Saudi Arabia is the most searched in recent days, It is also entering the trend in Lebanon despite the difficult conditions.

The work achieves a very great interaction, and the pioneers of social networking sites deal with many scenes between Abdel Nour and Mahmoud, including the first meeting between them, and other romantic scenes of them.

It is noteworthy that “Dantil” is composed of 30 episodes, directed by Al-Muthanna Sobh, a scenario and dialogue by Angie Al-Qassem and Sama Abdel-Khaleq, of the owner of “Eagle Films” producer Jamal Sinan, and he participates in the starring work of the able Salloum Haddad, the able Nicola Daniel, Nahla Daoud and the stars Zeina Makki. Sarah Abi Kanaan, Wissam Fares, Elie Mitri, Tatiana Mareb, Anas Tayara and others.

Why did the “An-Nahar” rooster decide to shout the “crash”?


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