Curfew after tribal fighting in Port Sudan – One World – Al Arab


The Sudanese authorities decided to impose a comprehensive curfew in the city of Port Sudan, the capital of the Red Sea State, against the background of bloody ethnic conflicts that claimed dozens of victims, at the same time that the competent authorities pushed security reinforcements to the coastal city in which the conflict between two tribes renewed, as the reconciliation agreement signed last year did not survive long.

The newly appointed Governor of the Red Sea State, Abdullah Shankari Ohaj, issued an emergency order under which a comprehensive curfew was imposed in Port Sudan locality, with its geographic borders, and includes all institutions in the public and private sectors and bodies in Port Sudan locality.

The emergency order excluded workers in the health field, the Radio and Television Authority, and emergency workers of the Water and Electricity Authority, and the authorities confirmed that the emergency order came in relation to the events taking place in Port Sudan locality, and it also stipulated that all the penalties contained in the emergency law be applied.

The Director General of the Police Forces, Lieutenant General Ezz El-Din Sheikh Ali Mansour, directed police reinforcements from the Central Reserve Forces Command to the Red Sea State. In the Red Sea State, in order to contribute to extending the prestige of the state; And the rule of law, and preventing any security breaches, as well as achieving security and stability in the region.



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