“Cowards” .. Brazil’s president gets excited after 100,000 deaths in Corona


Bolsonaro accused the “TV Globo” station of treating the news of the death toll reaching 100,000 as the “World Cup Final”. Tweet To him that the station is “a cowardice and does not respect the dead,” according to what was reported by “France Press”.

And on Saturday night, after the official announcement of the death toll Covid-19 In Brazil, the 100,000 mark, TV Globo opened its newsletter with a lengthy introduction in which it sharply criticized Bolsonaro’s management of the health crisis.

He referred in advance the newsletter to an article at The Brazilian Constitution It states that “health is the right of everyone and the duty of the national government,” and they asked, “Has he risen?” President of the Republic His duty? “

And Sunday came in a tweet Bolsonaro “Disinformation is more deadly than the virus,” and he considered that “TV Globo” uses a virus Corona For political ends, that would in turn lead to deaths, as he put it.

And with the outbreak of Corona in Brazil Months ago, Bolsonaro downplayed the matter, and considered Virus “Light flu”, questioning the reasons for the closure orders taken by the governors of several Brazilian states, stressing that the economic repercussions of these steps could be “more deadly than the virus.”

On Sunday, the Brazilian president said he was “clear of conscience” and that he “did everything he could to save lives.”

On Saturday, many politicians sent messages to console the families of the deceased, criticizing the government’s management of the crisis.

In contrast to the executive branch, the legislative and judicial institutions declared, Congress and the Supreme CourtThe official mourning for the lives of 100,000 Brazilians, caused by the virus.

But Bolsonaro only re-posted a tweet to the presidential media office, which stated, “We apologize for all deaths resulting from Covid-19 and those resulting from other diseases.”

The tweet was attached to a table talking about “3 million people rescued or (sick) recovering.”

Bolsonaro, 65, caught himself with Covid-19 last month before recovering days later.


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