Countries that record nearly 45% of all Corona injuries in the world



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Countries recorded nearly 45% of the total Corona virus infections in the world, which amounted to 20 million confirmed infections, while the number of deaths is close to 750,000 deaths, according to figures released by Johns Hopkins University.

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The number of people infected with coronavirus in the world exceeds 20 million

The United States of America is the country most affected by the Corona virus, as it ranked first in the world in terms of the number of infected people, with more than 5 million confirmed cases, and the number of deaths with more than 160,000 deaths.

Brazil ranked second, with more than 3 million cases of HIV infection and 100,000 deaths, followed by India with more than two million confirmed infections, reaching this record just 3 weeks after reaching one million cases. However, India’s death rate remains relatively low, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, as there are about 3 deaths per 100,000 injuries, or just over 44,000 deaths in total, compared to about 67 deaths per 100,000, or more than 46,000. Deaths in Britain, which has the highest death rate among the twenty worst affected countries.

Britain is among many European countries that are witnessing new infection clusters, amid fears of a second wave. People have been forced to stay home in parts of northern England, where outbreaks have been identified.

Britain recorded 1113 new cases last Sunday, raising the total number to more than 310,000.

Spain saw a rapid increase in cases last week, with 4,507 new cases recorded on Friday. Daily numbers are at levels not seen since before the state of emergency was ended on June 21, with the country reporting more than 314,000 cases and 28,000 deaths in total.

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Putin announces the registration of the world's first vaccine against the Corona virus

France’s leading scholars warned last week that its situation is “fragile” and that it could “change its course at any time to a less controlled scenario, as is the case in Spain for example. Paris decided to impose the compulsory wearing of masks (masks) in the external areas, where the injuries arrived. Daily to 3897 on Friday, the highest level since May.

Belgium also witnessed a new rise, as the average number of new infections per week increased by 62% in the last week of July, compared to the previous week, according to the country’s health authorities.

In Africa, the total number of people infected with Coronavirus has reached more than a million cases as of Friday, and the Republic of South Africa has more than half of the cases reported on the continent, with more than 550,000 confirmed infections, and the fifth highest number worldwide, and with more than 10,000 cases. death.

Source: CNN


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