Corona’s antibody tests fail to disappoint the world


A new study by the University of Oxford showed that antibody tests failed to detect the infection of large numbers of people infected with the Coronavirus, due to its invalidity in people with mild infections.

An Oxford University study was conducted on more than 9000 health care workers, whether nurses, doctors or others, so the results of large numbers of antibody tests were negative, despite their possible infection with the HIV virus.

Currently, attention is turning to relying on the use of antibody tests to map the outbreak of the Corona virus among the world’s population, but it is also a focal point for future plans that hope to issue immunity passports, in order for people to return to normal life.

The recent study showed that, of the 903 people who were diagnosed with the Corona virus, according to antibodies, 47% had a loss of sense of smell or taste, and 30% had laboratory results below the threshold of antibodies, and reported a loss of sense of smell or taste, and despite that They will be classified as unaffected.

In this regard, Dr. Tim Walker, one of the authors of the study, pointed out that there are increasing proportions of people who reported losing their sense of taste or smell, indicating that the antibody test failed to catch people with a slight degree, indicating that there will be a large number of People who will never develop any symptoms, while still having antibodies.

The study used a large number of antibody tests, including the Abbott test, as one of the 4 main commercial tests from users in Britain, at the present time, while the results showed that these tests only captured 11% of the antibody, although it was It is assumed to be around 98%, relatively because of the development of tests using samples of patients with symptoms who were hospitalized.

After the study, the team of researchers recommended that the tests include samples for patients who were infected with a mild virus and also did not show symptoms. At the same time, there is an urgent need for further study to see whether the light immune response is linked to the mild disease in return.

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