Corona Virus: Iraq and Turkey suspend flights between them to “prevent the outbreak”


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Iraq suspended flights with Turkey because of the “increased number of infection with the Coronavirus in Turkey.”

Iraq came less than 24 hours after Turkey decided to suspend its flights to and from Iraq “on the recommendation of the Turkish Ministry of Health.”

According to the Turkish decision, the suspension of flights with Iraq will continue until the first of next September.

The Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority said that “with regard to the return of our citizens from Turkey to Iraq will be through diplomatic channels between the two countries.”

Corona Virus “Time Bomb” for the Middle East

Kuwait bans commercial aviation from 31 “high-risk” countries to curb the spread of the Corona virus

In implementation of the Iraqi decision, Iraqi Airways canceled the flight, which was scheduled to fly to Istanbul on Monday.

Iraq had reopened its airports last week for international flights after months of closure due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

The Turkish and Iraqi decisions to suspend flights between them came amid increasing concerns about the high rates of killer virus infection in the Middle East.

Kuwait had suspended until the last commercial flight notification from 31 countries it considered “highly dangerous” due to the spread of the virus there.

The list of the 31 countries includes Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Iraq, India, China, Spain, Pakistan, Italy and Brazil.


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