Corona vaccine .. rich countries booked more than a billion doses – one world – outside the border


Once the pharmaceutical companies made progress in developing vaccines against the emerging corona virus, rich countries rushed to conclude huge contracts in order to obtain large numbers of doses.

Many vaccines reached the stage of clinical trials, amid positive indications of their effectiveness, while figures indicate that rich countries have booked more than a billion doses of those vaccines.

According to the “Bloomberg” network, the rich countries were keen to conclude these contracts early, before the completion of the trials, so that they would be the first to obtain the vaccines, while the rest of the world might find themselves at the foot of the global efforts to surround the epidemic, according to Sky News.

The United States and Britain entered into contracts with the drug company Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline, while Japan contracted with Pfizer, as well as other contracts.

The European Union, in turn, has moved to obtain vaccines, although its efficacy is still not guaranteed.

Although experts expect the vaccine to be available to everyone and at a reasonable price, there are those who believe that high demand may be a major obstacle given the global population of nearly 7.8 billion.

Many fear that rich countries will monopolize vaccines, which was the case in 2009, when the swine flu outbreak.

So far, Japan, the United States, and Britain have booked about 1.3 billion doses of potential vaccines against the emerging corona virus, according to AirFinity, the data analysis firm.

According to a mathematical model adopted by the company, companies will not be able to manufacture a billion doses of potential vaccine until the first quarter of the year 2022, which means that poor countries will likely wait a long time.

Commenting on this point, Rasmus Bich Hansen, CEO of the British Analysis Company, said: “Even if you look optimistically at scientific progress, there are no vaccines sufficient for the world.”

He pointed out that vaccinating the human body sometimes requires two times two doses, which means the need for an additional number that will not be available in a short period.

Several scientific projects have reached the final stages of developing a vaccine against Corona, such as Oxford University and its partner AstraZeneca, in addition to a joint project between Biontec and Pfizer.

Vaccines need to obtain a number of approvals before going into production, and these things take a significant amount of time.

The world is betting on vaccines to restore life to normal as possible, given that restrictions cannot be lifted completely in the absence of any effective drug or vaccine against the infection that appeared in China in late 2019, and then turned into a global pandemic.



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