Corona threat to the White Army!


We have no choice but to adapt to the epidemic and try to combat it through the means that have become common general rules such as muzzle, perhaps glasses, social divergence and hand-washing.After the World Health Organization suggested that the Corona pandemic is long-term, “people around the world have few options, presented by the issue of muzzle and the necessity of wearing it, in addition to waiting for the vaccine that is expected to come to light early next year.

While the international organization warned of the “risks of inaction in the face of the epidemic under the pressure of socio-economic pressures,” a recent study showed the seriousness of the situation of the “white army”.

The study, published yesterday, Saturday, showed that in April, therapists were more than three times more likely to develop COFED-19 compared to the rest of the population, warning of a greater risk for treatment groups from ethnic minorities.The study, whose results published the “The Lancet” magazine, analyzed data entered by users in an application intended for Coffed-19 patients via their smartphones between March 24 and April 23, in Britain and the United States. The study authors compared the risk of infection to patients who interact directly with patients and the rest of the users.

Taking into account the differences in the possibility of examinations by therapists and the rest of the population in mind, the study authors concluded that “therapists face a risk 3-4 times higher for developing Covid-19”.

In addition, the authors of the study explained that the risk is five times higher for therapists who say they are “members of ethnic minorities, black or Asian”, even taking into account medical precedents.


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