Corona setback! Saudi News


Some European countries and Britain are recording a return to the high number of infections with the Corona virus, while the virus continues to reap its victims in countries that did not give it any truce, such as America, Mexico and Brazil. As for Israel, which was described as a successful model to combat the virus, it recorded a significant setback!In Saudi Arabia, infection figures record a steady decline in the number of injured during the past weeks, with a continuous increase in the number of examinations conducted by the Ministry of Health, which gives reassuring indications that the infection has receded, but the European relapse warns that commitment to prevention and spacing in public life remains the primary guarantee for controlling the spread The epidemic!

In countries where infection rates are back, people seem to have forgotten their need to wear masks and follow instructions, and we have seen life in cafes, restaurants, markets, and beaches of European cities as if they have turned the page of danger, a reckless risk that might bounce back on people!

From here it seems to me that the optimism about the return of international travel and the restoration of normal life may be delayed slightly, just as the need in our Saudi society to adhere to the procedures and instructions for prevention and divergence has become more urgent, with the importance of continuing awareness-raising efforts and alerting the community that the danger still exists and still depends on our awareness of prevention and our follow-up to procedures Spacing!

Certainly, the world will not defeat Corona Covid-19 with a knockout only when an effective vaccine is found for it, and until then we can only lift our gloves and protect our faces from its punches!


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