Corona .. More than 4.5 million injuries in the United States and Florida are fighting the epidemic and hurricane


The death toll of those infected with the new Corona virus (Covid-19) exceeded the barrier of 18 million, and while South Africa topped the list of African countries in the number of people infected with more than half a million infected people, the Australian state of Victoria plans to tighten general isolation measures.

According to the site “World Meter” – for monitoring all statistics on the virus – the number of infected people reached 18 million and 22 thousand and 126 cases, and about 689 thousand deaths, while the number of people recovered reached about 11 million and 331 thousand.

The website figures indicate that the United States recorded 4 million and 764 thousand and 318 injuries, and about 158 ​​thousand deaths.

As of Saturday evening, the United States had recorded more than 60,000 injuries, and 1,051 deaths had been recorded on the same day.

The new figures come as Florida prepares to welcome tropical storm Isaias, which is expected to turn into a hurricane as it approaches the southeastern part of the state swept by Covid-19.

And Saturday, Florida recorded 179 new deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to a record among other states, reaching 6,843 deaths.

US casualty toll record (Reuters)

Injuries and numbers

And ranked second in the world in the number of injuries, Brazil comes with two million and about 709 thousand injuries, then India with more than one million and 751 thousand injuries.

This comes at a time when the South African Ministry of Health said the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 has exceeded half a million in the country.

So far, just over 3 million people have been tested for the Corona virus in South Africa, which confirmed its first case in 5 months, and the number of deaths due to the Corona virus in the country was 8,153.

South Africa imposed measures of public isolation across the country at the end of March to curb the spread of the virus, but it has now eased many restrictions to boost economic activity, as have other countries across the continent that have a large segment of the impoverished population facing hunger. .

South Africa tops the countries of the African continent in the number of injured (Reuters)

Fighting the epidemic

In a related context to combat the spread of the epidemic, 7 Chinese health officials arrive in Hong Kong today, Sunday, as the first members of a team of 60 people to conduct large-scale tests to detect Covid-19 disease in the city, with the World Financial Center ready to halt a third wave of the disease.

Hong Kong saw an increase in injuries transmitted locally last July, and implemented a series of strict measures, including limiting gatherings to two people, and imposing a muzzle in all open public places.

For its part, media said on Sunday that the Australian state of Victoria will tighten its social divergence measures in the coming days, as Australia’s second most populous state faces a difficulty in containing the emerging Corona virus.

The authorities have already reintroduced 6-week homes in Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, and announced record numbers of new HIV infections last week, and authorities warned of more restrictions in the future.

Melbourne newspapers said that the plans that will enter into force next Wednesday will impose restrictions on movement for a period of 6 weeks, and will close all businesses except the basic ones.

In Israel, the Israeli government’s Minister of Jerusalem and Heritage Affairs, Ravi Peretz, announced that he was infected with the Coruna virus. “Unfortunately, the result of Friday’s Corona virus test was positive,” Peretz said on his Twitter account.

In a related context, the official “Kan” channel reported that the Minister of Intelligence in the government Eli Cohen, the two Knesset members (parliament) Avi Dichter and Osnat Marc; They entered the stone because of their contact with Corona.

29 HIV deaths recorded in Egypt in the past 24 hours (Al-Jazeera)

Arab world

In the Arab world, the Egyptian Ministry of Health reported that it had recorded 29 deaths and 238 cases of corona, in addition to the recovery of 1,499 patients.

In Tunisia, the Ministry of Health announced death registration and 17 HIV infections, in addition to the recovery of 23 patients.

The ministry said – in a statement – that the total number of injuries rose to 1552, including 51 deaths, and 1,217 cases of recovery.

In Morocco, the Ministry of Health reported 14 deaths, 693 cases of the virus, and 302 recovered.

In Sudan, the Ministry of Health recorded 6 deaths and 94 cases of corona.

In Mauritania, the Ministry of Health announced that 9 injuries had been recorded, in addition to the recovery of 81 patients.


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