Corona is transmitted to homes in an imaginary way


A recent Chinese study showed that the emerging corona virus may be transmitted to homes through places that do not occur to many, which raises the alarm about the possibility of controlling the infestation.

The study confirmed that the Corona virus can be transmitted inside homes and through apartments through toilets and sewage pipes that are shared by more than one apartment, especially in residential buildings with multiple floors.

The study, the results of which were published on the well-known science Direct site, discovered the Corona virus in the bathroom of an apartment in the southern city of Guangzhou, although there were no patients in it.

The study indicated that the virus may have entered the apartment located on the sixteenth floor through the toilet or drainage pipes, and traces of the virus have been discovered on the sink, faucet and shower handle.

And the bathroom contaminated with the Corona virus was discovered, on an apartment that was inhabited by 5 people, who were confirmed to have the disease, according to Sky News Arabia.

After the discovery, the researchers ran a “tracking simulation experiment” to see if the virus could spread through tubes through small airborne particles, or “aerosols” that are often produced by the force of a toilet flush.

And this “aerosol” has already been found and has moved to 12 levels above where the individuals infected with the Coronavirus were living.

The authors of the study said that “the possibility of transporting aerosols through sewage pipes after flushing the toilet in the toilet on the fifteenth floor, through an on-site tracking simulation experiment.”

Follow-up showed that aerosols were found in the toilets in the apartments located on the 25th and 27th floors.

However, transmission of the virus through the common building elevator cannot be ruled out, according to the study.


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