Corona in Saudi Arabia … the lowest daily rate since the end of April and a high number of deaths


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – Saudi Arabia recorded the lowest daily rate of infection with the newly created Corona virus since the end of last April, after it announced, on Sunday, the emergence of 1357 new positive cases of the disease.

The Saudi Health Ministry released the numbers of new infections, which were the lowest since April 30, when the Kingdom recorded 1344 cases of the emerging coronavirus.

The total number of cases recorded in the Kingdom since the outbreak of the virus began 278,835 cases, while the number of recovery cases reached 240,81 cases.

As for the number of new deaths due to the disease recorded in Saudi Arabia, it reached 30, bringing the total number of deaths on the territory of the Kingdom as a result of the Corona virus to 2917.

It is reported that Saudi Arabia recorded the highest daily death rate due to the virus since last July 25.


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