Corona erases a decade of progress in saving cancer patients … Chances of survival decline due to “Covid 19”


A new report stated that the chances of surviving cancer diseases have decreased due to the outbreak of the new Corona virus, according to “telegraph” British.

An analytical report conducted by the Institute for Public Policy Research in Britain concluded (IPPR), Indicates that the 5-year survival rates for breast cancer will drop from 85% to 83.5%, from 58.4% to 56.1% for colorectal cancer, and from 16.2% to 15.4% for lung cancer.

The report suggests that the coronavirus coming from China erases nearly a decade of progress in saving the lives of cancer patients in the United Kingdom, especially as it disrupts early diagnosis in hospitals, and urgent detection by the general practitioner, as it is assumed that the cancer patient enters the specialist concerned within Two weeks, if the family doctor suspected that he had the disease.

“The epidemic has been devastating, not only for families directly affected by the virus, but even for people who have loved ones suffering from other health conditions,” said Assistant Director of the Institute for Public Policy in Britain, Harry Kwylter Benner.

He added, “The analysis shows that thousands of people die prematurely from cancer cases as a result of the closure of the NHS services.”NHS)”.

Benner called for giving cancer patients a top priority and restoring health services to them.

The ministers and officials in the United Kingdom had promised, with the beginning of the spread of the Corona epidemic, that the health services provided to cancer patients would not be affected, but many reports showed the cancellation of some clinics, and the postponement of chemotherapy doses, in contrast, the National Health Services Authority confirms that cancer services are working and expanding .

The British Authority said that up to 10 thousand chemical doses were provided in patients’ homes, at the height of the outbreak of the virus that causes “Covid 19”, as well as regular checks for cancer patients, in addition to the employees who provide treatment services.


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