Corona deaths exceed 160,000 in the United States, with the approaching opening of schools




Precautionary measures against Corona in the United States

Today, Friday, the health authorities in the United States announced that the death toll from the new Corona virus since the start of the outbreak has reached 16,0003 cases.

23 states are witnessing an increase in the death rate from the virus, while the total number of infections has risen to 4.91 million in 20 states, according to Reuters statistics.

A large percentage of new deaths were recorded in California, Florida and Texas, while injuries in these states are declining.

The White House indicated that Boston, Chicago, Detroit and Washington may witness a new outbreak, due to the increase in the rate of positive results for Corona tests.

In addition, debate rages in the country currently between government officials, teachers’ unions, parents and students about the need to reopen schools safely.

A study by the Washington group predicted the death of about 300,000 Americans by next December, and indicated that 70,000 lives could be saved if the Americans committed to wearing masks.

Source: “Reuters”


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