Corona changes fashion … the gray hair trend due to stone will not disappear


People stopped using hair dye and became more accepting of graying that covered beards and hair, but reactions on this topic were mixed.

In a report published in the Wall Street Journal (wsjThe American writer, Kathleen Hughes said that at the beginning of the lockdown, everyone stopped visiting hairdressers, and many decided to seize the opportunity and preserve the gray hair that invaded both women’s hairs and men’s beards.

Jinin Vogel, 50, resides in Plano and has dyed her hair every few weeks since she was a teenager. But she stopped dyeing it during the Corona outbreak due to a shoulder injury that paralyzed her arm, and she was unable to undergo surgery. Currently, her dark hair roots are covered with gray hair.

Daily struggle

“I look in the mirror, and every day is a struggle for me,” said Vogel, who runs the cleaning services company. And although she can now dye her hair, she won’t.

“I am tired of having to dye my hair every two weeks,” she explained. Her husband, Bill, supports her, asserting that “not a day goes by when he does not see her super beautiful,” but her mother disagrees.

And Jinin’s mother, Bonnie Reiser (74), asks her, “When are you going to dye your hair? It makes you look old.” And Jenin replies, “I love my hair and will not dye it, for I am used to it.”

For her part, Reiser explained that she believes that her daughter’s hair “grows in a funny way,” and that her daughter’s appearance no longer likes her. Razer still dyes her blonde hair, saying, “I don’t want to look older than my real age.”

Everyone stopped visiting the hairdressers and decided to keep the gray hair that invaded the strands (Pixabay)

The Silver Hair Trend

And women explain that once hair is completely gray, compliments abound, but getting there is difficult. The silver hair trend has flooded social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram with close-ups in which women share criticisms of them from their husbands, friends, co-workers and even neighbors, so they seek advice on making the transition to this stage less difficult.

Hair turned gray

“It’s undeniable that the transformation that’s happening is undeniable,” says Ann Cramer, author of “Turning Gray: How to Accept Your Authentic Self with Pride and Elegance”. To avoid getting “an inappropriate look,” Kremer recommends trimming dyed and damaged hair down to the chin to speed up its growth.

On the other hand, men who took advantage of the closure and abstained from shaving their beards and dyeing them in multiple colors received a lot of unwanted comments.

Lawyer John Lobosco (62 years), who has long hair and a gray beard, says, “Some people think that he looks cultured, like the writer Ernest Hemingway, but others liken him to the serial killer known as the” university and plane bomber. ”

Nelson Sancho, 46, a gym manager in Arlington, has a two-tone beard, dark near his chin and gray underneath. But he said, “People tell him he looks like Tom Hanks in A Pariah, or a professor is seeking asylum.”

Ndi Okoye, 45, a pediatrician in Fort Smith, last shaved his beard on July 17. The next day, he and his wife, Jess Roberts, were diagnosed with a severe case of Corona virus and committed to quarantine at home for two weeks with their two children.

The gray hair trend due to the “Covid-19” virus imposes itself on fashion (Shutterstock)

Attractive gray color

Dr. Okoye – who recovered with his wife – said since then that he “did not have enough energy to shave,” but decided to refrain from shaving his beard during the stone and for an indefinite period.

He explained, “My wife told me that I look attractive knowing that she does not use this word often. And I think that the gray color that covers my beard looks great, it is impressive.”

Amy Zering, 57, a documentary filmmaker in Brentwood, California, has canceled her last date for dyeing her hair in March. She has been busy promoting her new movie “On the Record” and has attended large meetings on the “Zoom” app, with the white locks permeating her brown hair.

“It was amazing,” Zering confirmed, and said one of her colleagues told her that she looked like a superhero in the comic books. Like Rogue in the X-Man movie.

When Zering went to a friend’s house to receive a parcel from the balcony, her friend stayed inside, but looked out the window and noticed her new look and yelled, “Oh, no, no, no, no …”. Zering noted that she is ignoring the matter and is currently planning to maintain this look.

The gray that covers my beard looks great, says Dr. Okoye (shutterstock / image)

Absolutely perfect look

Rita Castillo, 50, a small business owner in Washington, let her gray hair grow by two to three inches before meeting on the Zoom app in early April. But her sister Elonca Castillo, 48, a real estate broker in Miami, told her that she “cannot support her with this matter.”

Castillo said everyone made fun of her, so she rushed to get a very short haircut in May when she opened the salons for a while, but said the haircut was a disaster.

Her sister explained that she is “single, and it is not good for her to have gray hair. She is 50 years old, but she used to be thirty, and now she appears to be 40 years old.”

However, Castillo kept her look, noting that “these comments are part of her transition to her new look,” and she thinks she is absolutely perfect with her gray hair.

New look

As for Patricia Schultz, author of the book “1000 Places to See Before You Die,” she was forced to stay at her home in New York during the spread of Corona.

And she’s been going to dye her hair every three weeks for the past 15 years. But now her hair is grayed over three inches from the roots.

“I’m really excited about it, and I can’t get it to grow fast enough,” she said. Although her husband was supporting her, her new look raised eyebrows in her building.


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