Corona appears in Atletico Madrid and threatens the completion of the Champions League


News Now | Madrid – Spain (agencies)

The Spanish club Atletico Madrid announced, on Sunday, shocking news of the emergence of two cases of Corona virus in the team, before facing Leipzig in the Champions League.

Atletico is preparing to travel to Lisbon, Portugal, in order to play against its German counterpart, Leipzig, in the Champions League quarter-final match.

The team conducted Corona virus tests today, in accordance with the protocol established by UEFA, after its decision to resume the tournament in Portugal.

Before traveling to Lisbon, two members of the team were discovered injured, as the Spanish club refused to disclose the identity of either of them, whether within the technical staff or the players.

Atlético said in an official statement that the club has completely isolated the two cases from the team members, to prevent the spread of infection among everyone and limit the high number of cases.

Atlético indicated that more tests will be done during the next few hours, for all those in contact with the two cases, before attending training sessions against Leipzig.

The club called on all Spanish and European teams to adhere to all standards and rules of the Coronavirus Prevention Protocol to ensure the continuation of all competitions.

This news caused a new shock in the European Union’s efforts to successfully complete this season, as the Champions League is expected to stop and some matches to be postponed in the event that more cases emerge.

It is noteworthy that Atletico will play Leipzig on August 13, after beating defending champions Liverpool in the round of 16.


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