Corona … America’s deaths exceed 160,000, and Africa’s injuries exceed a million


A Reuters count showed that the total deaths from the Coronavirus pandemic in the United States exceeded 160,000 on Friday, while the number of infections in Africa exceeded one million, and Latin America and the Caribbean surpassed Europe in terms of deaths.

The milestone – which includes ten thousand deaths across the United States during the past nine days – comes as Americans and political leaders continue to divide over several issues, most notably the reopening of schools, virus detection tests, the closure of commercial activities, and the need to use masks.

US President Donald Trump said he would issue an executive order to suspend payroll taxes until the end of this year, and extend additional benefits to jobless recipients if the White House does not reach an agreement on the rescue package with senior Democrats in Congress.

A Reuters analysis showed that the number of HIV infections increased in 20 US states as the center of the outbreak moved from the southern states, most notably California, Florida and Texas, to the Midwest.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, deaths exceeded their counterparts in Europe, to become the region with the most recorded epidemic deaths in the world, according to a census conducted by the French Press Agency based on official data.

The region recorded 213 thousand and 120 deaths, surpassing the total of 460 deaths recorded in Europe, and last week 44% of the total global deaths resulting from Covid-19 were recorded in the region.

Latin America has counted the highest number of HIV infections in the world (5.3 million), more than half of which (2.9 million) was recorded in Brazil, where 98,500 of the total population of 212 million died from this virus.

South Africa protests against coronavirus lockdown (Reuters)

Africa surpasses a million

As for Africa, the number of new infections with the new Coronavirus has exceeded the one million mark in the continent that remains the least affected by the epidemic among other continents, and where cases spread unevenly from one country to another.

According to figures collected by the French Press Agency on Thursday, at least one million 11 thousand and 495 injuries were recorded across the continent, with at least 22,115 deaths, which represents about 5% of the total injuries around the world.

Five of the 54 countries in Africa account for 75% of infections, according to the CDC on the continent.

And Friday, the official of the African Health Organization, Mary Stephen, said in a telephone interview with Agence France-Presse, “African countries are doing their best, despite limited capabilities,” such as weak health systems, but she warned against lax adherence to containment measures, which leads to prolonging the outbreak The epidemic.

More than half of these injuries (538,184) were recorded in South Africa alone, which is the most industrialized country in the continent and the fifth most affected country in the world after the United States, Brazil, India and Russia.

Egypt was the first African country to report infection with the virus on February 14, and so far, it has officially announced 95 thousand and six infections, and four thousand and 630 deaths, to be the second African country in terms of being affected by the virus.

Returning to China, where the virus appeared, the Public Health Committee said today, Saturday, that the authorities recorded 31 new cases of Coronavirus on the mainland on the seventh of August, down from 37 cases the previous day.

The total number of cases in this country reached 84,596, and the number of deaths from Covid-19 disease remains unchanged at 4,634.


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