Corona … a more contagious mutated strain was detected in Indonesia


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Precautionary measures against Corona in Indonesia

The Aikman Institute for Molecular Biology in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, announced today, Sunday, that it has detected a mutated strain that is more contagious than the emerging corona virus, at a time when the country is witnessing an increase in the number of infections.

Reuters quoted the institute’s vice president, Hirawati Sodoyo, as saying that the D614G mutation of the virus, “contagious but less effective,” was found in genome sequencing data with samples collected by the institute, adding that further study is needed to determine whether the mutation is the cause. Cases have risen recently.

This strain, which was identified by the World Health Organization in February, and which is spreading in Europe and the Americas, was also found in neighboring Singapore and Malaysia.

Syarizal Syarif, an epidemiologist at the University of Indonesia, called on citizens to remain vigilant, as the prevalence model indicates that the number of cases in the country could reach 500,000 by the end of the year.

He added, “The situation is dangerous … the local infection is currently out of control.”

He added that the number of cases monitored daily would have been much higher if laboratories were able to examine a greater number of samples daily.

Today, Sunday, the Indonesian Ministry of Health data showed that 2,858 new cases were recorded, which is less than yesterday’s record number of 3,308 cases, but more than the average daily numbers recorded during the past month.

Source: “Reuters”


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