China warns its citizens after the discovery of Brazilian chicken wings contaminated with Corona



Frozen chicken wings produced in Brazil

Health authorities in Shenzhen, China, issued warnings to consumers when buying imported frozen food, after a sample of frozen chicken wings from Brazil was found to be contaminated with the Corona virus.

The authorities indicated that “the positive sample is taken from the surface of the meat,” while the previously reported positive cases from other Chinese cities were from packaging surfaces for imported frozen seafood products.

She confirmed that “the source of contaminated chicken products is the Aurora Alimentus factory in the southern state of Santa Catarina, according to the registration number contained in the statement.”

She added, “The virus tests performed on people who may have been in contact with the product, and the related product tests, all came back negative.”

The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture asked the Chinese authorities for information that could help clarify pollution, noting that “there is no scientific evidence of the virus being transmitted through food or frozen food packaging.”

In turn, the producing company announced in a statement Thursday that it “follows strict protocols for healthy production, and will provide information as soon as a notification is received from the Chinese authorities.”

Source: Bloomberg


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