Champions League news: Lothar Matthews continues to provoke Barcelona: Lewandowski is better than Messi


Lewandowski and Lionel Messi

Sport 360 – Lothar Matthews continued a legend Bayern Munich Provocation Barcelona Before the summit match that will bring the two teams together next Friday in the second leg of the quarter-finals championship Champions League.

On Saturday, Matthews said that Barcelona could not qualify for the semi-finals unless Bayern Munich made many mistakes, indicating that the Bavarian team is the candidate to cross.

Lothar Matthews returned with provocative statements to Barca again, by confirming that Robert Lewandowski, the Bayern striker, is the best in the world at the present time, and he also made it clear that he is superior to Lionel Messi not only on the level of goal, but in general.

The legend of Bayern Munich: Barcelona does not scare me and it is not the same as before

Matthews said in statements to Sky TV and published Mundo Deportivo Spanish “Messi will face his successor, the best player in the world, which is Robert Lewandowski. He is the best player, not just the best striker.”

He added, “Barcelona today is no longer the same as it was before. They have Messi of course. A player like him is always capable of appearing in moments of genius, but he alone will not be enough against Bayern Munich. Barcelona does not scare me.”

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