Central – with only three tires .. Hamilton sticks to the top


World champion Mercedes driver, British Lewis Hamilton, boosted his record in victories at the Silverstone circuit, with a seventh win, Sunday, in the British Grand Prix at the Formula 1 World Championship, where he crossed the finish line with three intact tires and a fourth pierced.

The British dominated the race from start to the last 52 lap, as it suffered a hole in the left front tire, and had to continue driving, and maintained its progress against the Dutch Red Bull driver Max Verstappen who finished second, and Ferrari driver Charles Locklear from Monaco.

Hamilton scored his third consecutive victory in Formula 1 races, after losing the first race to his teammate, Finn Valtieri Potas.

Hamilton topped the overall ranking of the championship at the expense of Botas (88 points to 58), followed by Dutch coach Verstaben with 52 points.

The 34-year-old raised his score to 87 wins in his career, further approaching another record held by Schumacher (91 wins), in his bid to equal another number held by the former legendary driver, is the number of world championship titles (seven for Schumacher versus six Currently for Hamilton).

Formula 1 resumed its competition in early July, after being stopped due to an outbreak of the new Corona virus.

Source: Sky News


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