Carole Samaha celebrates with her daughter Eid Al-Adha with a summer vacation in Ain Sukhna


The Lebanese star celebrated Karol SmahaIn the atmosphere of Eid al-Adha, and her fans shared the moments of celebrating Eid with spending a summer vacation with her family in Ain Sukhna.

The star, Carole Samaha, celebrated her birthday a few days ago, and published a picture of her daughter’s surprise to her recently, through several photos that she posted on her Twitter account, and commented on it by writing: “My little cat Tala surprised me today on my birthday”, where the two looked during The picture is very happy, and it is surrounded by a colorful tart with music, with golden Mike on it.

Karol Smaha

Earlier, Lebanese star Carole Samaha issued a statement announcing her voice being pulled out from the movie “My Spiritual Twin” after recording his own song.

Carroll said in her statement that she agreed: “I agreed with the well-known producer Ahmed Al-Subki to withdraw my voice, which she put in an experimental recording of a song entitled” Dream of My Life “, from the words of Saber Kamal, composed by Muhammad Yahya and distributed by Ashraf Mahrous.

The movie “Twin Spiritual” starring Hassan Al-Raddad, Amina Khalil, Aisha bin Ahmed, and the guest of honor, the late artist Rajaa Al-Jeddawi, written by Amani Al-Tunisi and directed by Othman Abu Laban. The events take place in a romantic setting.

The star Carole Samaha released her new clip, which has a name have a nice tripIt was directed by Batoul Arafa, and participated in writing the complete Syrian words Khair, Carole Samaha, and the French Lion, and participated in the French composer Jane Berry and the Moroccan DJ Youssef, and participated in the clip with the acting performance in front of the star Carole Samaha, the journalist Basil Al Zaro.


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