Carole Samaha: (call me my husband and stop acting)!


Carole-Samaha responded to one of her followers, who claimed that she belongs to the Syrian Social Nationalist movement, and insulted her because she married a man who was not of her religion.

The insult is unacceptable and unworthy of an educated and discreet woman like Carol, who has the right to respond and support her this time because we refuse to attack any respectable woman, or to interfere with the privacy and decisions of others.

I wrote: (First: I was not a nationalist, neither I nor my family! Second: Today, see how many sectarian and racist people are still in Lebanon in Aden. They treat me with my husband.

She continued: (How do you demand change? We are fighting every day for a state that is not sectarian and secular, and after you say Christian and Muslim!

Carole is married to Egyptian Muslim businessman Walid Mustafa, a civilian, and she has one daughter from him.

The Lebanese star had attacked some politicized media professionals who, in her opinion, shared the corrupt political class with its crime against the Lebanese, and are now trying to climb on the backs of the revolutionaries and exploit their honorable revolution.

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