Carmen Suleiman dedicates a new song to the Lebanese people after the Beirut port explosion … Video


Singer Carmen Suleiman was keen to dedicate a new song to the Lebanese people to support them in the current crisis in which they are living due to the Beirut Port explosion, which resulted in a large number of victims and injured.

Soliman published a clip of the new song, through her personal account on the Instagram photo site, and wrote, “A gift from the bottom of my heart to the beloved Lebanon, a gift to the strong, life-loving Lebanese people who create joy.”

Suleiman was keen to postpone the release of her new clip, “Lina Raqsa”, which is scheduled to be released in the current period, in solidarity with the current circumstances that Lebanon is going through. In solidarity with the Lebanese people, may God have mercy on the victims and patience for their families, and heal the injured and those affected by the accident. “


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