Canadian astronomers find traces of icebergs on mars


Tuesday 4 August 2020 10:16 PM

Window on the World – Canadian astronomers have analyzed tens of thousands of photographs of the surface of Mars and discovered there are many traces of ancient ice mountains.

This indicates that Mars did not see resources in the early ages of liquid resources.

In an article published by Nature Geoscience, astronomers said: “We discovered for the first time on the surface of Mars the effects of ancient valleys in which water flowed, but not directly on its surface, but rather under the huge mountains of ice, contradicting previous beliefs that assumed the existence of liquid water rivers on the surface of Mars in an ancient Of time. ”

Professor at the University of British Columbia, Mark Ulynick said: “Planetary scientists believe that at the present time, Mars resembled the present-day Earth with its rivers, seas, and dense atmosphere, which means that at that time Mars was a viable planet for the birth of life in it. It took only a billion years, and then Mars turned into a barren desert devoid of any traces of life, as the remaining atmosphere and water resources evaporated into space or formed mountains of ice.

But even that hypothesis raises controversy among scientists. Climatic computer models indicate that Mars was first a cold planet that could not flow on its surface from rivers of water. Some astronomers believe that all of Mars’ water resources were so ancient in the form of icebergs.

Source: Tass

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