Campaign in the US Congress to stop the deportation of the Lebanese after the port explosion …


Rachida Tlaib, a member of the US House of Representatives, is leading a campaign to stop the deportations that include many Lebanese residing in the United States of America.In a post on her Facebook page, Tlaib indicated that the campaign aims to establish a temporary protection status for Lebanese citizens residing in the United States, due to the devastating explosion in the Beirut port, and to grant them the status of refugees temporarily.

She also thanked several members of Congress who joined her campaign, including Jerry Nadler, Zoe Lovegreen, Debbie Dingle and Marcy Captur.Tlaib commented in her post, saying, “The immigration policy in the United States should be based on kindness, not cruelty, and the last thing that America should do is to deport friends to Lebanon in the wake of this tragedy.”


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