British Telegraph: Lebanese Hezbollah guides an electronic army from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and others!



The British Telegraph newspaper wrote that the Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas trained a “cyber army” that includes thousands of social media activists, who belong to different countries, including Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

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The newspaper said in a lengthy report that Hezbollah, with the support of Iran, is seeking to form “electronic armies” throughout the region.

According to the investigation, activists from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Syria participated in these sessions to form what are called “electronic armies”.

The report stated that the Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas are training thousands of multi-national and multi-national activists to use social media, to help spread fake accounts across the Middle East.

According to the investigation, these intensive courses take place in a three-storey building in the southern suburb of Beirut.

British Telegraph: Lebanese Hezbollah guides an electronic army from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria and others!

According to the investigation, a common method used by these electronic armies is to create large networks of fake accounts that inflate specific messages by liking, commenting, and sharing each other’s posts.

Analysts said these sessions shed light on “Iran’s influence in the region, and the illegitimate ways in which it depends to spread its ideology in the Middle East, the increasingly divided region.”

The report indicated that Hezbollah’s digital training operations include more than 20 interviews with politicians, analysts, and social media professionals, a member of the Iraqi Military Psychological Operations Unit, a member of Iraqi Intelligence, and several former members specialized in electronic simulation.

“Hezbollah has demonstrated its ability to provide support to groups that have an ideology in agreement in the region in various ways for years,” said Joel Gulhane, Middle East and North Africa analyst at Risk Consulting Group.

He added: “Using misinformation to disrupt and undermine the truth is largely aimed at making people lose confidence in the truth as well as stimulating negative feelings about certain issues.”

Source “The Daily Telegraph”


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