Britain: Internet blackouts cost 141 million dollars a day


Last updated: Tuesday 6 Muharram 1442 AH – August 25, 2020 KSA 21:06 – GMT 18:06
Publication date: Tuesday 6 Muharram 1442 AH – August 25, 2020 KSA 20:42 – GMT 17:42Source: Dubai – Samar Al-Mashta

Last week, users of Google services faced a break of more than five hours, which brought back the question, about relying on cloud computing, which may constitute a weakness.

Assuming that the Internet is the highway in the world of data, the interruption that occurred in Google’s services last week is like closing a vital highway for 5 hours, starting at six in the morning.

And users of Google services in various parts of Europe, America, Japan, Malaysia, India, Singapore, and Australia have found themselves in front of a message that says to them (Oops, something went wrong).

Users had trouble attaching files, were unable to send and receive emails, and some had problems logging in for more than five hours during the work period.

Experts said that the outage is the worst ever and is likely to have an impact on the level of gross domestic product, in addition to the frustration felt by hundreds of thousands of home workers, there are lost opportunities as a result of not attending meetings, and failure to deliver work on time.

The temporary internet shutdown is costing an advanced economy like the UK economy $ 141 million per day, according to a report from Deloitte and Facebook on the economic impact of communication disruptions.

This equates to 1.9% of Britain’s daily gross domestic product, and is a big hit, especially in an economic downturn when companies small and large are fighting to survive.

The options for relying on the cloud seem inevitable, as its market value is estimated at $ 371 billion this year, and it is expected to reach $ 832 billion by 2025.


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