Breakfast common food stimulates the growth of human hair cells


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Exploring hair loss treatments can be a daunting task, and luckily, research can help discover promising treatments, including applying a specific nutritional component.

Treatments for hair loss are almost as diverse as the mechanisms that lead to its appearance in the first place. There are many causes of hair loss, some of which are temporary, such as in response to stressful situations. Others are permanent, such as pattern baldness, which usually runs in families.

And the variability of hair loss, in terms of its causes and treatments, can indicate the possibility of mixing the results. This provides reason for optimism, as it indicates that an appropriate treatment can be found.

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A new discovery brings scientists one step closer to eliminating baldness

Research in Japan provides a strong case for applying egg yolks to your scalp. The results, published in the Journal of Medical Food, explain in detail how egg yolk can stimulate the growth of new human hair cells.

Japanese dermatologists planted human hair follicles in mice, and found that elements of egg yolk stimulate growth in human hair cells.

The research team said that a compound found in egg yolk activates as a growth factor for the lining of blood vessels – a protein necessary for human hair growth.

The authors of the study concluded that egg yolk is a “catalyst for hair growth”.

Other studies are needed to support the allegations, but evidence indicates the benefits of protein for hair growth.

Research shows that women who do not eat enough protein can suffer from thinning, brittle hair and hair loss.

The British National Health Service NHS has revealed that finasteride and minoxidil are the two main treatments for male baldness.

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