Blackberry phones are returning to the market again with advanced technology at this date


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The emerging American company “Onward Mobility” promised to launch a fifth-generation smartphone with a keyboard from the “Blackberry” company, in an unsurprising return of the latter to the market, after consumer demand for its products gradually decreased in past years.

The new smartphone is expected to be launched in North America and Europe in the first half of 2021, and will be designed to work with the extremely fast 5G technology that is spreading globally..

The Canadian group sold a smartphone license to the Chinese company “TCL” in 2016, but the two companies announced last February that they would stop producing this phone, and that it would stop selling on August 31..

Blackberry phones were very much in demand from companies in the first decade of the century, for easy access to e-mails through.

However, the emergence of “Apple” phones from “Apple” in 2007 led to a decline in sales of BlackBerry, which, since 2012, has been facing a continuous erosion of its sales, as its market share fell to less than 1%.

Onward Mobility chief Peter Franklin saw Blackberry as an excellent “opportunity” for his company, as he knew about these smartphones as “protection for communications, private life and data.”“.

The new phone will be manufactured by “FIH Mobile” for Foxconn. This phone will work with the Android operating system.


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