“Black Tema” lights candle 16 in the opera .. Wednesday


The Black Tema team celebrates its 16th anniversary in the Egyptian Opera House, where it will perform at eight o’clock on Wednesday evening, 5 August at the Fountain Theater.

The concert includes a bouquet of its own works that mix Western and Eastern music and vary between social and emotional to express the aspirations and dreams of the young generation of them in the middle of the railroad, seas, crowds, Set El Hassan, Uncle Ya Jamal, Baba Ashkiri, Yangma, and the color of cocoa and others

It is worth noting that the Black Tema team was established in 2004, and it includes three members who are Amir Salah El-Din, Ahmed Bahr and Mohamed Abdo, he succeeded in achieving a wide audience base after he held many concerts in various cultural places in Egypt.

He also won many awards, including Music for the Middle East.


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