“Black rooms” is a new trend in the world of decoration this year


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Black rooms are forming a new trend in the world of decoration this year, not only in the walls, but also in the furniture, which creates harmony and a distinctive mix in your home. But are you bold enough to add this charming mystery to your home decor?

the toilet

Black Belgian marble can be used in the master bathroom, with touches of 20th century décor, in a combination that creates striking elegance in the bathroom.

Living room

The black decor adds a kind of mystery to the room in which the family spends most of the time, and models from the sixties of the twentieth century can be used, through the use of silk cloth on the couches, while mixing it with works of art on the walls.


Do not underestimate the black walls in the bedroom, which give it incomparable elegant strength, which you can get more of with the black bed, with black carpets as well.

The black terrace

In your home’s terrace, you can use black décor as well, starting from the walls and ending with the floors, and passing through the black lanterns.

the library

A black library can enter the old world with shelves studded with antique books and chairs.

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