Bitcoin jumps for the first time in a year … to reach 12 thousand dollars


The price of the cryptocurrency «Bitcoin» according to circulation data, rose today to the highest level since August 2019 to reach 12 thousand dollars, amid a gradual recovery in the global economy, according to the Russian website Sputnik.

According to the “Queen Market Cap” portal, which collects data on more than 20 trading platforms, the price of bitcoin increased from 07.03 Moscow time, by 4.91 percent to $ 11.918. On the other hand, the leading cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, increased by 5.41 percent to $ 11,980.

It is worth noting that the Bitcoin digital currency continued to rise and harvested many gains, in light of the crises facing the world economies due to the spread of the Corona epidemic, and the precautionary measures taken by the two countries to confront it.

The reason for the rise, according to the Emirati economist Abdul Rahman Al-Tarif, is that the Bitcoin currency was a “safe haven, which people began to flee to after the Corona crisis, which led to a high price of this way.”

Al-Turaif pointed out that “many investments went to this type of currency, in light of the impact of the epidemic on closing large sectors of investments in all countries of the world.”


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