Beyonce’s movie “Black Is King” is well-received and criticized


The movie, “Black Is King” by American singer Beyonce, was included on the streaming platform “Disney Plus”, and while he was praised for highlighting black culture, he drew criticism in return for his distorted vision of Africa.

The feature film accompanies the series “The Line King: The Gift”, which was launched in July 2019, and is inspired by the movie “The Lion King” in its version that includes real scenes.

Black Is King addresses the theme of “The Line King” itself, as it tells the story of a young boy embarking on a journey aimed at learning.

Beyonce turned this film on an ambitious project characterized by aesthetics, praised by critics.

The film project gained double importance, due to the movement that was born after the murder of George Floyd, due to the fact that it is based entirely on black heritage.

John Devour, of the Hollywood Reporter and magazine, noted that “The Black King” shows the “smart” work of African artists mixing with the work of “Americans with roots on the continent.”

Beyonce, for example, has hired Nigerian singer Yemi Alad, South African Bossois, and Ghanaian artist Sta Weil. They are more visible in the movie than they are on the drum of American stars.

Some were critical of Beyonce’s distorted and distorted vision of Africa, likening it to the fictional Kingdom of Wakanda in the animated movie “Black Panther”.

Kaye Vuitton, a Nigerian, tweeted, “Can someone say to Beyonce that there is not a single culture in Africa, and that we are natural people?”

As for the activist for racial equality, Timika Smith, wrote in the British newspaper “The Independent”: “There are things that must be done more urgently than the anger of an African-American woman who uses her methods to ask, explore, and interpret technically, in an attempt to bridge the deficiencies in her identity.”

“These shortcomings are the connections between African Americans and their past in Africa, and they seek to reconfigure these broken ties,” she added.


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