Between Washington, Moscow and Beijing .. Corona Vaccine “On the Line of Conflict”


وقال Fauchi In front of the hearing The US Congress: “I really hope the Chinese and Russians will test their vaccines before using them on anyone.”

The director of the highly respected American Institute of Infectious Diseases added, “The announcement of the development of a vaccine that can be distributed even before it is tested raises a problem in my opinion so that I will not say more.”

Fauchi believes that United State You will not have to rely on vaccines developed by other countries.

And Russia announced this week that it will begin from next September and October, industrial production of the vaccine against “Covid 19”, developed by researchers from government centers.

Kirill Dimitriev, head of the Russian sovereign fund that finances the development of one of the two vaccines, likened the current race to find an anti-HIV vaccine to space exploration.

He told CNN, “The Americans were surprised when they heard the signal of Sputnik,” the first satellite launched by the Soviet Union in 1957, and added: “It will be the same with the vaccine. We will be in the forefront” to develop it.

Moscow has not disclosed scientific data proving the effectiveness and safety of its vaccines.

Several projects showed to develop Vaccines Encouraging results, including a Chinese project carried out in cooperation between the Military Research Institute and the Kansino Biology Group.

At the end of June, the Chinese army authorized the use of the vaccine in its ranks, even before the final stages of its testing began.

3 vaccines developed in western countries have reached the final stage in their clinical trials on humans, which is the vaccine for the American company “Moderna” and its latest development Oxford University The British in cooperation with the “Astra Zenica” laboratory, and the third of the “German Biotech Pfizer” Alliance.


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