Before Yaqoub Al-Farhan .. Laila Iskandar only 5 days married to a businessman!


Laila Iskandar shocked her fans yesterday, Saturday, by announcing her divorce from Saudi artist Yaqoub Al-Farhan, in one sentence she published on the “Social Media”: “My separation was officially announced by Yaqoub Al-Farhan.”“.

However, in Iskandar’s marriage and divorce, she experienced more dramatic crises, as she previously married a Gulf businessman for a period not exceeding 5 days when she was twenty-one years old..

She said during a previous television interview within the “Cinderella” program presented by the journalist Saleh Al-Rashed, via a channel “atv” Kuwait: “We did not agree, and the situation did not happen, and we were informed of some of what we agreed and the husband is the pioneer of frustration, noting that he is still a friend of her until now and he got acquainted with her new husband (now divorced) Saudi artist Yaqoub“.

She added: “We have been friends for 7 years and he did not find a better wife than me, and I did not find a better husband than him, and we said at night to get married, and after that, there was no agreement and so far friends.”

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