Before her death in the Beirut bombing, the wife of the Dutch ambassador donates her organs to two people – one scientist – the Arabs


The wife of the Dutch ambassador to Lebanon at the moment of her death due to the port bombing, donated some of her members to those who desperately need her. The surgeries were successful for two patients in need of kidneys.

The Dutch embassy stated that the organs of the wife of the Dutch ambassador to Lebanon were donated after her death as a result of her injury in the Beirut port explosion last week to save two patients.

Hedwig Waltmans Mollier, 55, died of her wounds in hospital on Saturday, just four days after the massive explosion that struck the Lebanese capital.

In a statement shortly after Hedwig’s death, the Dutch Foreign Ministry expressed “deep sadness” and sent condolences to the family.

The Foreign Ministry also praised Hedwig’s “exemplary” commitment to work in “demanding, difficult and dangerous circumstances” as a diplomat around the world for the sake of the Netherlands, and the statement said, “Hedwig was beloved by her colleagues and they will miss her greatly .. Her death is a loss to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the homeland,” according to the “Euronews” website. .

Hedwig and her husband, Jean, have been engaged for 38 years and have held prominent positions in the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Before her death, Hedwig worked as a partner in the ministry’s human resources department, traveling between Beirut and The Hague.

The couple recently returned to Lebanon after spending time in the Netherlands, and Jan had posted about it a few days ago on Twitter.

On Tuesday, Hedwig was said to be standing near her husband in the living room of their Beirut home when the massive explosion occurred.

It is noteworthy that Beirut witnessed Tuesday 4 August a huge explosion in the Beirut port, which caused huge human and material losses and ignited a massive wave of anger in Lebanon against the authority and corruption.



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