Before a scheduled meeting with Trump … the Ohio governor was declared infected with the new Corona virus




Office of Ohio Governor, Republican Mark Dwayne

The office of Ohio Governor, Republican Mark Dwayne, announced on Thursday that he had contracted the new Corona virus, before President Donald Trump arrived in the state.

Dwayne was supposed to meet Trump at Cleveland Airport, where he underwent a Covid-19 examination before his scheduled meeting with the country’s president, according to the protocol followed in this context.

And Dwayne’s account published a statement on “Twitter” saying that the state governor is not suffering from any symptoms at the moment, and that he returned to Columbus with his wife Fran, who is not showing any symptoms.

The statement indicated that Dwayne would be subjected to a quarantine at his home in Cedarville for 14 days.

Ohio Deputy Governor John Hastead also examined Covid-19, and the results were negative.

It should be noted that Dwayne is the second US state governor to confirm he was infected with the emerging coronavirus.

According to the health authorities in Ohio, as of Wednesday, the state had recorded 91,171 cases of corona and about 3,326 deaths.

Source: Agencies


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